Is Massage Oil the Same as Essential Oil?

Is Massage Oil the Same as Essential Oil?

Massage oil is quite different from essential oil in terms of fragrance. Massage essential oil has a strong aroma. Both oils are used differently. Massage Centers use the best massage essential oil as they make the body smooth and shiny. Massage essential oil is not directly applied to the body because they have potent chemical compounds. Few drops of essential oil are added in other types of oil like coconut oil or sunflower oil while applying on the body. The prices of both liquids are different.

Is Massage Oil the Same as Essential Oil?

How to use essential oil for body massage?

From the fragrance of the essential oil, it is clear that it has heavy chemical compounds. People cannot apply directly to their bodies as it is harmful to the skin. Firstly, it is mixed with pure oil and then applied to the body. In a bowl full of natural oil, 4 to 5 drops of essential oil are added. There are different types of essential oils available in the market, like Lavender, tea tree, rose, and many others.

So you should always buy the best essential oils for massage. So the person can choose their favorite oil. They have natural compounds according to their flavor. It means that if you are buying a rose flavor, then it has natural extracts of roses. Every essential oil has natural extracts of leaves, roots, and petals. They are extracted through a cold processing procedure.

The benefits of using essential oil

Before applying essential oil on your body, use it on your hands to check whether it is suitable for your skin type or not. If it does not cause any side effects, then you can apply it to your whole body. Some people get skin infection from the oil because they don’t test before using them. Here are the two advantages of applying essential oil:

-Acts as pain relief –

If you are feeling tired, get an essential oil massage. It not only provides relaxation but also reduces body pain. Many people use essential oil when they are suffering from any illness. You only need to add a few drops in any oil. After applying the oil, you will get relief within a few minutes. It is the fastest way to cure the pain. You can easily find essential oil from the local market if you are not finding your favorite flavor you can order online, as many websites sell. 

-Provides relaxation –

 When the person inhales the fragrance of essential oil, they feel calm. Essential oils have natural extracts that make the body healthy and fit. So whenever the person feels lazy or tired, they should get a good massage. There are different types of massage so the person can get according to their requirement.

Is Massage Oil the Same as Essential Oil?

Essential oil and massage oil

Now let’s discuss the difference between essential oil and massage oil

The best part about massage oil is that they are applied directly to the body as they do not provide any harm to the skin. People use coconut and olive oil for body massage, but all the massage oils are not edible. It makes the body oily, which helps in doing the massage. Some people prefer using massage oils because they are safe. Using the essential oils for massage does not cause any side-effect.

On the flip side

Essential oils are made from natural extracts but have chemical compounds that make their fragrance strong. You cannot use essential oils on your body daily. If you prefer massage once in a week, then using essential oil is the best option. A test patch is vital if you are using essential oil because it is made from various ingredients. If your skin gets rashes, then immediately wash it. Before adding essential oil in conventional oil, check the number of drops written on the backside of the bottle. You should not add an excessive amount of essential oil because it is not hundred percent safe. Use essential oil and healthy oil in 1:10. It means that if you are adding ten drops of natural oil, add only a single drop of essential oil.

The brighter side of applying massages oils

Regularly people use massage oil as they are safe and readily available in the market. They act as a lubricant which helps in rubbing the body. If you are allergic to strong fragrance, then it’s better to use natural oils. If you are getting relief from regular oil, then you should not use essential oils.

Ø  Price – It is a piece of good news that all kinds of massage oils are pocket friendly. The oil price depends upon their extracts as if it is almond oil, then it would cost you more. Coconut oil is the best oil at affordable rates. The majority of people use coconut oil as they have a beautiful fragrance of natural coconut.

Ø  Skin absorption – Before applying the oil, check the type of your skin, whether it is dry, normal, or oily. You should use oil according to your skin type. Some oils have an intense moisturizer, which makes your skin greasy. If your skin is dry, then you need to apply oil in large quantities. It also depends upon your skin absorption capacity.

Ø  Fragrance – Most of the oils have their own smell as if you are using almond oil; it has the aroma of almonds. Massage oils are naturally processed, so they have their own unique scent. Most of them have little odor so you can easily apply to your body and go out of your house.

In short words

There are many benefits of using essential oil as it helps in curing pain. When you use the oils for massage, it makes your body soft. It has anti-inflammatory properties that protect the skin from infections. It is used for therapeutic effects. When you apply massage oil on your body, it makes the skin smooth and removes dryness.

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