How to Remove Body Odor Permanently Naturally?

How to Remove Body Odor Permanently Naturally?

What is body odor?

Body odor is known to be the unpleasant smell of one’s body, especially caused by abnormal sweating. Although, this can occur due to numerous other reasons like hormonal changes in puberty period or excessive anxiety levels. Not using a good fragrant body spray is also one of the reasons why people suffer from bad odor in different parts of their body. If a disease is prevailing in one’s body and in-taking some strong medicines are another reason for this issue.

How to Remove Body Odor Permanently Naturally?

What causes body odor?

There might be several causes of bad body smell; some of the most commonly identified are listed below:

Regular sweating

If someone is working out excessively, like going to the gym daily or twice a day, he might get sweatier in his underarms and feet. Excessive running and playing outdoor sports are known to be some reasons for continuous perspiration in someone’s body. 

Wet underarms

Not cleaning thoroughly your armpits and underarm area after you take a shower, is the reason of bacteria getting accumulated in that specific place and be a cause of bad body smell. 

How to Remove Body Odor Permanently Naturally?

No antiperspirants

After you take a bath, it is highly advised to spray a chemical-free antiperspirant deodorant spray to your armpits. Not using this daily can be one of the reasons why you smell awful there. Best natural deodorant for men is known to be Fogg Marco Body Spray these days. 

Interim bathing

Skipping days in your bathing process is not at all recommended. The accumulated bacteria from the various activities you did on the previous day will only eradicate and fade away from a deep bathing session. Not including bathing in your daily routine, might create a home for deadly bacteria all over your body. 

Poor diet

Frequently eating unhygienic and junk foods cause your sweat glands to produce excess sebum which leads to more sweating and eventually, bad odor. 

Specific disease

If someone is having a disease such as diabetes or thyroid, then it is so obvious for their body to produce bad odor. Try taking extra precautions during that period.  


If you live in a comparatively more polluted and hazy areas, try covering up your body with dark-colored and thicker clothes, so that the dirt could not penetrate them and reach your skin.  


Certain strong medicines cause bad odor from foot, mouth, and underarms as well. Try supplementing the salts in your medications which suits your body better. Do this by prescribing from your doctor or a good dermatologist (doctor for skin). 

Hormonal imbalance

It is so common these days for girls and ladies to get their hormones imbalanced. By eating poor food and taking stress at high levels. The puberty period is also a cause of sweaty body and bad body odor. 


Increasing stress levels are one of the ordinary symptoms of having a bad odor in this modern world.


Vasodilation is the procedure that occurs when your heart rate rises and skin widens. Dilated vessels of blood cause enormous sweating in the body.

How to get rid of body odor?

We have discussed the causes that create body odor, now let us talk about how to fight with it. Body odor might be caused by any of the above-stated reasons, but this issue also can be resolved through some efforts like:

How to Remove Body Odor Permanently Naturally?

Use antiperspirants

Spray on yourself a nice chemical-free antiperspirant spray after you come out of the shower. You will feel and smell fresh all day long. 

Dry your underarms

After bathing, your first step should be to thoroughly clean your whole body with a nice furred towel that has a nice capacity to soak and hold water. 

Good hygiene

Have foods which produce pleasant smells, like strawberries, lemon, orange, green tea, chamomile tea, etc. 

Shower after workouts

Practicing yoga or gymnastics are other causes that lead to high perspiration and bad odor. You must take a shower after every workout activity. With anti-bacterial soaps. 

Say no to stress

Having emotional and mental breakdowns and facing anxiety or panic attacks are associated with sweating. Try to have an antidepressant tablet by consulting your doctor. 

Bath twice a day

If you know that your body secrets a high level of sebum, then you should bath more than once a day for avoiding the bad odor to reach the people near you. 

Wear cotton clothes

It is recommended to wear only cotton clothes in summers because they do not stick to your body and do not create a foul smell. 

See a doctor

If you could not find a proper reason why you are getting bad odor, it is suggested to seek help from a good dermatologist to get rid of foul body odor.  

Wax your armpits

Too much quantity of unwanted hair in your armpits and legs also leads to high sweating. Get those areas waxed or shaved once a month. 

Avoid tobacco

Tobacco is one of the major causes of causing cancerous cells in our body. Sweating can be the first sign of skin cancer. Tobacco in-take should be completely avoided.

Some Homemade remedies for a sweaty body

If you are hesitant to get a readymade chemical-based antiperspirant, then you can make your own at home, by natural and herbal ingredients:

  • Hydrogen peroxide: this solution is readily available at drugstores or medical shops. Using this with water and apply the paste on your underarms and feet, then wash deeply. Do this twice a day for better results. 
  • Acetic acid: usually known by the name of vinegar, using apple cider vinegar especially, is a natural remedy for smelling underarms. Mix with few drops of water and keep it all day long. 
  • Sodium bicarbonate: commonly known as baking soda, when added with a few drops of water is a homely solution for your black and sweaty armpits. Apply and rinse after keeping for 5 minutes. 
  • Citric acid: fruits having citric acid in them are the best remedy for sweating and bad odor. Citrus has the properties of absorbing all the bacteria from your skin and adding a fresh and nice fragrance to it.
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